Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Visit to Poppies Kindy

Today Room 19 went to Poppies Kindergarten to deliver some resources that we made as part of our topic this term, Connecting with Cultures.

First we made a list of different places in our community that have their own culture (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, refugee centres).

Then we thought of different things we could do or make to have a positive effect on these communities.

Together as a class we found out where these place were, how we could contact them and what details we needed to include in an email (information about who we were and what we could offer).

Room 19 worked eagerly at making alphabet charts, number charts and nursery rhymes to give to Poppies Kindergarten. Here's an example of the end result...


Poppies were delighted to receive our resources and we feel we have been able to connect in a positive way with another culture in our community.

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