Monday, 29 February 2016

Literacy Geniuses 

Room 6 have been learning about different language features including similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration. Here are a few of their examples inspired by our school forest...

Alex: The bird’s nest is like my sister’s hair when she hasn’t brushed it.
Ricky: The tree is as big as a tall giant.
Kaiu: The fluffy cloud is as soft as candy floss.
Thanishka: The brown leaves look like they have been toasted.
Mila: The swaying trees in the wind sound like waves crashing onto the shore.
Tristan: The flax is as sharp as a legion of spears.

Kyran: The leaves are dangling emeralds poking out of the trees.
Benicio: The cicadas are a non-stop alarm.
Isabelle: The clouds are moving puzzle pieces, merging together in the sky.
Dino: I can see so many flaxes, they are spider’s legs.
Maria: The tree branches are long skinny fingers.
Sasha: The occasional brown leaves in the trees are rusted garden features.
Alea: The clouds are cheetahs moving really fast in the sky.
Lachlan: The wind kisses the clouds.
Hannah: The tree is standing up tall in front of me.
Jamie: The trees are ginormous rulers looking down on their kingdom.
Anu: The trees are waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care.
Xavier: The tree is reaching out to heaven
Hudson: All the trees are whispering secret secrets to each other.

Eesha: The flax is flying frantically in the wind.
Lucy: The haunted forest has hundreds of humming honeybees.
Isabella: A brilliant big blue bird is standing on a branch.
Jenna: Five fantails are flapping furiously in the forest.
Luca: Don’t get too dirty down in the disgusting dirt.

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