Sunday, 16 October 2016

As part of our "May the Force Be With You" inquiry this term we went to the Mind Lab to explore forces.  The three Year 5 classes were split into four groups and took part in four different scientific investigations. Emphasis was placed on making discoveries through trial and error, so mistakes were not only expected, but encouraged. 

There were four rotations of different activities including:
  • Mixing unknown ingredients to create an explosive reaction with enough thrust to fire a film canister into the air
  • Creating a structure from card to withstand having a tennis ball dropped onto it
  • Constructing a vehicle propelled by a cardboard fan attached to a small motor
  • Programming a remote controlled vehicle to make a series of movements

Alex, Lucy and Jamie constructing their fan-propelled vehicles

Xavier programming a remote controlled vehicle (with George from Room 5)
Lachlan and Tristan show off their fan-propelled vehicle

Oscar working on the remote controlled vehicle (with Ollie from Room 5) 

Maria and Anu constructing their fan-propelled vehicle

Adam and Alijah trialing their remote controlled car (alongside George from Room 5)

Kyran and Kaiu programming their remote controlled vehicle

Isabella constructing a fan-propelled vehicle with Charlotte (from Room 4)

Alea and Sienna programming their remote controlled vehicle

Eugene beginning to build a structure from card (with Mark from Room 4)

Isabella and Mila with their remote controlled vehicle

Eesha with her fan-propelled vehicle

Hudson constructing a fan-propelled vehicle (with Fred from Room 4)

Hannah, Jenna and Thanishka trialling their explosive mixed ingredients

 Benicio working on vehicle construction (with Hikorangi and Zach from Room 4)

Luca resting after a long day of science 

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