Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Technology Challenge

While some students were at the Winter Sports Field Day, the remaining students from Room 6 and Room 4 were busy with a technology challenge. This was their challenge:

In groups of 3 or 4, using the following equipment:
  • 5 drinking straws
  • 3 iceblock sticks
  • 7 sticks
  • 1 plastic cup
  • 1 metre of wool
  • 1 metre of masking tape
  • 1 piece of card (A5)
  • 1 marble

Design and build a construction that will hold a marble as far out from a table as possible without the marble being lower that the surface of the table. The challenge is to have your marble reach the furthest out from the table than any other group.

(Extra paper and pencils can be used to to draw ideas and scissors can be used to cut soft materials. Not all materials need to be used)

There was a lot of trialling ideas and changes being made as designs failed, but this is all a part of the process. We talked about Thomas Edison inventing the lightbulb and all of the failures he encountered. Some of the challenges today included running out of resources, working as part of a group, having to remake parts that didn't work initially and time constraints.

Here are some images of technology in progress...

And the winners were...
...with a 460mm distance from the edge of the table!
Well done girls!

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