Thursday, 8 June 2017

Grandparents Day

We have had a successful Grandparents Day today. Many grandparents and friends visited the school and our class. Earlier in the week we had worked collaboratively to create a poem about grandparents. Here's the result...

What Are Grandparents Made Of?

(Poem created from couplets by Room 6)

Hugs and kisses, a fountain of wishes
A sprinkle of sun because they’re really fun
Cookies to bake, Lego toys to make
Enjoy drinking coffee (but not so much toffee)...
That’s what grandparents are made of.
Hearts of gold, that won’t melt into mould
Kisses all day, always wanting to play
Making s’mores and chocolates galore
They like a good wine and they love to dine...
That’s what grandparents are made of.
Baking of cakes to the slurp of milk shakes
Eating chocolate bars, flowers in a special vase
Memories in frames, lots of fun games
Pets to hold, dazzling rooms of gold
That’s what grandparents are made of.
Cookies galore (leave the crumbs on the floor)
Love to cook and read lots of books
Trees to climb in gardens devine
Trips away, games to play...

That’s what grandparents are made of.

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