Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Term of Taniwha

This term our art focus has been inspired by Maori myths and legends. We read some traditional stories about taniwha and looked at images on line, then used ideas from Maori art to create our own taniwha images. The first process involved using a chalk drawing and pastel to create an image, then dyeing it black to create the outlines (negative space). These are on display outside Room 6 and in the library. Here are a few samples:









Our next project was to create an image of a taniwha for printmaking. We planned the shapes, cut them out of card and glued them to the backing board. When they were dry we used ink and rollers to print multiple images. Here are a few of our prints:

Throughout the term we have also been working on four panels that we removed from outside the school library. We painted a base colour (the four house colours) and then used a similar colour to create a woven design over the top. Then we painted the silhouette of a taniwha over the top of that. The taniwha used elements of some of our pastel and dye images. Here is the finished product:

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